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Got problem with my Apple Keyboard and how I solved it

Ok so weirdest thing happened this Thursday. On finding my ‘apple wireless keyboard’ dirty, i did what i usually do and had been doing so far. Gave it a colin shower. Wiped with a fibre cloth and then that’s where everything got screwed up. The keyboard started typing and doing everything by itself. I tried fixing it by doing some online research, followed each process to fix it, unpaired it with my iMac, re-paired, tested it on my laptop (Macbook Pro). Nothing solved the issue. It just kept on typing by itself randomly and behaving completely insane, like some entity is deliberately messing with it. Weird.

5 Reasons Why I moved to an iPhone recently

It was 2009 when the iPhone 3G was my very first smartphone that just transformed me into an open sea frog. From the moment of getting that white box package in my hand to pressing the power button to turn it on, the experience was incredibly divine. It was an experience of lifetime. However It did cost me my one and half months of salary pay savings but it was worth it that just graduated my thoughts and way of seeing something. And that was the day when the first milestone of being the “Apple’s Fanboy” came in existence. However unfortunately my craze for iOS didn’t last long. There were many reasons behind it, but I will leave it there since those all will lead me to write a new blog post. The best things that happened afterward that deviation- was my transformation into an android priest. It was the same time when Indian market was both excited for iPhone 4 and skeptical about Samsung’s Galaxy line. And that pushed me to buy the first android in the shape of Galaxy S Plus that got replaced by Galaxy S4 which I continued to the end before I got the very […]

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