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How 3 Apples influenced my career

I am a great fan of Apples products and their taste of design. I closely follow their moves and keenly interested in knowing what new technology they are bringing in. Lets be frank on this, they had always been the leaders of change. They were the first ones to bring change into our thought perspective, way of experiencing things around us. And keeping yourself very much updated with their strategy helps in a big way. If you belong to a community of professional designers and developers who always strive to be ahead and remarking, you need to pace up with the very fastening technology around you. Things are getting modified, sophisticated, user friendly, advanced and they are changing rapidly. And I find Apple to be key player. This is my personal experience and my thought on how 3 apples influenced my career and helped me grow into a much better designer.

Read more to know which are those Apples that helped me grow my skills and why they proved to be essential for me.

Namaste! Welcome Aboard

I am happy and I am thrilled to launch my brand new website. From a long time I was thinking of renovating my website and give it my own custom design touch. Being a designer for last 8 years, it should not have been tricky for me, right? Wrong. Its one of the biggest challenge for a designer who is thinking to design for himself.

Its a similar situation when a professional architect designs his own house. He tries to put everything best he knows and ultimately falls into many confusion. There are limitless possibilities to build things better and there is none definite rule to make it right. Exactly the same was happening to me. And that’s the reason which led me rejecting every design I did for my website from past 8-9 months (almost 4-5) in search of that ‘best’ look.

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