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Got problem with my Apple Keyboard and how I solved it


Ok so this is a small but weirdest encounter that happened this Thursday with my Apple Keyboard. I am sharing this because its one of the most frustrating and a serious issue for a Mac user or rather for a person whose whole work depends on his computer. So its a story about how I got problem with my Apple Keyboard and how I solved it.

While having a sip of coffee I noticed few stains on my keyboard on this Thursday, which isn’t a pleasant thing for me. So i did what i usually do and had been doing so far. Gave it a colin shower. Wiped it with a fibre cloth and made it look all white again. And that’s where everything got screwed up. I powered it up, got connected to the system and the keyboard started typing and doing everything by itself. So it started inputting digits, alphabets, all sort of commands randomly by all itself. Like someone left it on an auto-pilot but forgot to feed in the direction. So I tried fixing it by doing some online research, followed each process to fix it, unpaired it with my iMac, re-paired, tested it on my laptop (Macbook Pro). Nothing solved the issue. It just kept on typing by itself randomly and behaving completely insane, like some entity is deliberately messing with it. Weird.

Next day i left it under sun for around 3-4 hours in order to make dry up moisture if any, but it just kept doing what its doing. Finally i came to the conclusion that its dead and cant be repaired anymore. This matter annoyed me so much because it all happened in middle of my urgent work. And to make situation even worse, I couldn’t login to my computer without a keyboard.

So I was left with the only option to replace it with a new one, that costs around Rs 5300 as mentioned on Apple’s site. The search for a replacement began on each and every online ecommerce website oxycontin pills. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Ebay and on bloody every website. But to my surprise, not a single retailer has one available and I dont’t know why.

Now at this point, only a Mac user can understand the pain of thinking of going for a third party keyboard or use a regular windows keyboard that’s only going to make life even more cumbersome. Its a feeling like you have been asked to replace with a tractor seat in your Rolls Royce. Utterly painful, isn’t it? But since I needed to finish up the day work urgently, I bought a cheap windows keyboard, used it for the rest of the day and ordered a wired version of the Apple Keyboard from Amazon.

Apple Wired Keyboard

The simplest solution

Today, my mother asked me to put it under the sun again. So as a last resort, I put it back again. After 3 hours, to my surprise it worked. For all that frustration, this was the solution it all wanted. Just some more heat.

So two things that had been established here and could be learned.

1. Apple are best in producing a quality product. I smashed it hardly, threw it everywhere, washed it with water, colin. And when it went bad, it all wanted was some good drying.
2. Whenever you clean your Apple Keyboard, try not to spray too much liquid around. And when you do it, always remember to take out the batteries.

This is one of those incident, that made me annoyed but finally taught me how to handle it better for the next time. Hope this will help you as well.

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