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How 3 Apples influenced my career

I am a great fan of Apples products and their taste of design. I closely follow their moves and keenly interested in knowing what new technology they are bringing in oxycontin prices. Lets be frank on this, they had always been the leaders of change. They were the first ones to bring change into our thought perspective, way of experiencing things around us. And keeping yourself very much updated with their strategy helps in a big way. If you belong to a community of professional designers and developers who always strive to be ahead and remarking, you need to pace up with the very fastening technology around you. Things are getting modified, sophisticated, user friendly, advanced and they are changing rapidly. And I find Apple to be key player. This is my personal experience and my thought on how 3 apples influenced my career and helped me grow into a much better designer.

1. Apple iPhone 3G 8GB

Apple iPhone 3G 8GB
In year 2008, my interest raised to a height of admiration and inspiration when I first saw the then newly launched iPhone 3G. Being an Indian enthusiast and due to limited interest of Apple for India (I don’t know why?), I had to hold back my nerves for almost an year when I finally got the iPhone 3G.

The device apart from its very fresh and high standard manufacturing quality was just incredibly innovative in its software side. And that was the main part I was interested in. I wanted to know and study how it works and how the user interface is so better than others which is going to make other devices a part of history in coming days. And I guess it was the very first time when I was introduced to terms like “User Interface(UI)” and “User Experience (UX)”. Not only the iOS applications where so incredibly fascinating in terms of their looks, but they were so engaging.

For a designer who is trying to bring out some distinctive edge into his profession, the device and its whole experience was like a gift in need. Even though I had the device, it was a challenge to even match my design quality and techniques to nearly match their onboard looks. I tried a lot to bring that desired quality in designing. Many times I failed and very few time I succeeded. However the process of doing-scraping-redoing helps you a lot in learning new designing techniques, and just keeps on adding up as layers of skills. Skeuomorphism was one of those design techniques that attracted me the most and since then I tried to bring it into my design techniques. An example is in the below image which depicts the similar technique I used to design an iPhone application for hazard notification about 2-3 years back. Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)Watch movie online Rings (2017)Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)Watch movie online Logan (2017)Watch movie online Get Out (2017)


2. Apple Macintosh – iMac 21′ Mid 2011

iMac and Old PC

This was the second best investment I did in the year 2011, when I urgently needed to upgrade my workstation. Before this I was using a custom PC for around 5 years, that was just capable enough to run Adobe CS3. No two Adobe software can run at once which was a painful experience. Even though there was an option to upgrade it to higher configuration but somehow I didn’t wanted to continue with the silly windows performance altogether. I wanted a platform that is just good enough to help me concentrate on my work rather annoying me over nonsense aspects like Viruses, Malware, Software Crashes, Hardware failure, lots of driver installations, separate hardware inclusions like web camera, mic, bluetooth devices, wifi card and the list goes on.

On the other hand, iMac was a powerhouse upgrade for me. Its unified all-in-one body assembly was everything I ever required. No more tangled wires hanging around, messy software installation, worrying virus attacks or 3rd party hardware was required. The biggest feature for me was the large display of 21.5″ which has correct color tones and contrast values. It always play a vital role into your designing. Previously, clients often complained me of experiencing different color tone and look of the design when the result came out of the older 19″ Samsung LCD screen. Another reason of worry was a small screen size that always restricted me from designing websites for a larger screens (more than 1600px). Clients required website that fits and look good even on a larger screen (1920px), I was still limited to produce designs on a 1600px wide screen. That was something which was going against me. Not only I was deprived of knowledge & experience of designing websites for larger screen size but it was also affecting my own skill expansion.

Once I got my hands on the new iMac, it brought a complete new phase into my design skill and the way I used to inspire. I was able to work on bigger challenging projects. Till this moment, I use this mid 2011 version iMac for all my work related activity. However I do own a Macbook Pro 13″ which I often use when I am travelling, but the necessity of iMac for me is just addictive.

3. Apple iPad Retina

Apple iPad Retina
To be very frank, I never felt any necessity to own an iPad ever, since I always assumed it to be a toy of showoff or an alternative for people who require something as an email or web surfing. But the thought changed when I got the iPad Retina because of some project requirement. Its makes complete difference when you test your iPad application user interface design on an iPad compared to your desktop screen. There are many alternative way to test your design except an iPad but it just gives you an edge on it for sure. You are very much close to experience the rich detail and other vital parameters. I am still in the learning phase, but i believe I have managed to get right tools to move ahead. Check out the very first design I did for iPad.


  • Kshitij Kaushik

    So neat! I loved how you put the entire experience together!

  • Dipesh Garg

    nicely framed and a great story 🙂

  • Mahendra Hooli

    Great works keep it up.

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