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5 Reasons Why I moved to an iPhone recently

It was 2009 when the iPhone 3G was my very first smartphone that just transformed me into an open sea frog. From the moment of getting that white box package in my hand to pressing the power button to turn it on, the experience was incredibly divine. It was an experience of lifetime. However It did cost me my one and half months of salary pay savings but it was worth it that just graduated my thoughts and way of seeing something. And that was the day when the first milestone of being the “Apple’s Fanboy” came in existence. However unfortunately my craze for iOS didn’t last long. There were many reasons behind it, but I will leave it there since those all will lead me to write a new blog post.


The best things that happened afterward that deviation- was my transformation into an android priest. It was the same time when Indian market was both excited for iPhone 4 and skeptical about Samsung’s Galaxy line. And that pushed me to buy the first android in the shape of Galaxy S Plus that got replaced by Galaxy S4 which I continued to the end before I got the very famous (and criticised) iPhone 6+. So here are the top 5 reasons why I bought the new iPhone after 5 years.

1. Bigger, the better

Before getting hold of the iPhone 6+ I was using Galaxy S4 which is one of the best android phone anybody can have. And since it has got a super ambled hd screen of 5”, I always felt comfortable, infact happier to find it quite beneficial during Skype chats with my clients, or viewing sites, reading documents etc. So for me, a screen that is bigger in size, always win my attention. The screen i got with the 6+ is quite large. So it makes things more easier for me to do some of the basic tasks while I am working. I can do everything I used to do on my older device, but now with more efficiency and clarity.

2. To learn and earn.

Since I was away from iOS from past around 5-6 years, this actually started playing a big role in my incompetency to design iPhone/iPad application user interfaces. I mean, one can argue with the fact that having an iPhone or iPad is not necessary to build something for it. But for me, it had always been the question of precision and quality. I believe in testing and experiencing the interface i am designing on a real device. I don’t want to render my designs on some fake or simulated system to test out. And believe me, its making a huge difference now. I can now view every single element of my user interface design on a real device and can note down the responses it could gain from the end user. I don’t want to ask my client or somebody else to test out my designs on their devices and send me the report so that I can again make necessary changes and send that back again to test. This could be so frustrating for anybody. So investing into a costly device is not a stupidity unless you are earning through it.

3. Less bugs, more stability

Compared to android phones and especially the Galaxy line up, with infused TouchWiz skin from Samsung, iPhone OS are more stable and greater compatibility with varied application. I had been living the android life for around 4 years and I know how much pain it gives when things stops working. There were many instances when the software failed to live up with the application and vice-versa.

4. Hardware quality

Well this point doesn’t need any explanation. We all know the quality Apple delivers in each of their product line. They are far above and most acclaimed manufacturing quality from anything else. Whereas if I mention my experience with the galaxy phones, they just made me feel like a fool after some time when the fake metal strip around the phone started fading out. The sensors stopped working, the battery got fat and the cameras caught dust. I mean just think how pathetic it would feel when a flagship phone worth $600 and above, turns into a piece of useless junk and a medium of making me look like a fool. I still have the old iPhone 3G with me and its just work fine (apart from the broken screen and old iOS that doesn’t support anything now). The quality standard iPhone 6+ comes with is immensely beautiful and wonderful to have.


5 hop over to this website. Same app, different approach

If you are a designer or a developer, you can easily find differences in a single app installed on an iPhone and an android. I mean, just look at how they behave on corresponding devices. For instance, just look at the Skype app on iPhone. Since I use it a lot, i found it much smoother, interactive and beautiful than the android version. Same with Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vimeo etc.


Handoff: This basically allows you to take up calls coming to your phone on your Mac without even touching your phone. Same with the message. You can view all your messages (SMS) on your Mac. This is one of the best feature I liked and use the most. Now I don’t have to leave my desk to pick up call if the phone is not in my room or desk. So it helps me continue working without breaking the flow.

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Seamless Synchronisation: Since I have two macs, an iPad for my work and now I have the iPhone 6 Plus with me, each of my device talk with each other without making me worry to synchronise things across. This deducts my extra effort and saves my time.

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